Defense News

2016/02/23 Pu Tze-Chun and Nicaraguan Chief Inspector General Adolfo José Zepeda Martínez Exchanges Medal of Honor to Reinforce Military Friendship (February 23rd 2016)
2016/02/22 Ministry of National Defense Suspends Human Resource Appointment in Compliance with Regulations – All Vacancies will be filled after May 20th (February 22nd 2016)
2016/02/19 Nantou Reserve Officer Promotion and Recognition – Tang Chia-Kun Acknowledges Contributions of the Officers (February 19th 2016)
2016/02/18 Implementation of the Zhongping Battleship Regular Maintenance to Ensure Maximum Combat Readiness (February 18th 2016)
2016/02/17 2nd Filming of Military Promotional Videos, Hung Cheng-Chang Strives to Break Free from Conventional Framework and Achieve Perfection (February 17th 2016)
2016/02/16 Tung Hsiang-Lung Visits Refugees at Tainan Home for Retired Veterans (February 16th 2016)
2016/02/15 Military Offers Assistance in Environment Disinfection in Disaster Zone and Exhibits Tradition of Love for People (February 15th 2016)
2016/02/05 Yen Teh-Fa Inspects Kinmen Military Base and Encourages Officers and Soldiers to Maintain their Efforts during the New Year Festival (February 5th 2016)
2016/02/04 Li Dong-Liang Thanks Society for Contributions to Military Welfare and to Continue to Offer Support to Military(4.feb.2016)
2016/02/03 Gao Guang-Chi Visits Single Retired Veterans to convey President Ma’s Concern (February 3rd 2016)