Defense News

2016/04/11 President Chiang 41st Memorial Anniversary – Remembering the Contributions and Kind Deeds (2016 April 11th)
2016/04/08 Legislator Delegation Inspects Artillery Training Command and Submarine Fleet to Provide Suggestions for National Defense Policies (April 8th 2016)
2016/04/06 Transport for Outlying Islands – Demonstration of Care and Assistance to the People(6.apirl.2016)
2016/04/01 Pu Tze-Chun Inspects Lian-Yung 105-4 Exercise and Acknowledges Outstanding Performance in the Combat Training of Officers and Soldiers (April 1st 2016)
2016/03/31 Vice-President Wu Awarded “President Order” in Commendation at the Public Funeral Ceremony for Admiral Admiral Zhao Wan-fu (105.3.31)
2016/03/30 President Ma Presides over Ceremony of 2016 to Commemorate National Revolutionary Martyrs. Ceremony was Solemn and Decorous.(105.3.30)
2016/03/29 National Outstanding Youth Award Ceremony – Outstanding Youths from the Military Set Role Models (March 29th 2016)
2016/03/28 National Defense Minister Gao Guang-Chi Praises National Youth Award-Winners in the Military to Acknowledge their Positive and Proactive Spirit (March 28th 2016)
2016/03/25 Yen Teh-Fa Inspects Basic Training Units and Encourages Drill Instructors to Strengthen Professional Proficiency (March 25th 2016)
2016/03/24 National Defense Minister Gao Meets with 2016 National Outstanding Military Academy Students (March 24th 2016)