Defense News

2016/03/15 Ministry of National Defense Actively Strives for the Reconstruction of the Military Villages to Ensure the Co-Existence of Land Vitalization and Culture Preservation (March 15th 2016)
2016/03/14 Army Paratroop Training Center Organizes Alternative Triathlon Competition to Integrate Military Training with Leisure Sports(105.3.14)
2016/03/11 Ko Wen-An Awards Medal to Guatemala Military Official as a Token of the Lasting Military Friendship between Taiwan and Guatemala (March 11th 2016)
2016/03/10 Gao Guang-Chi: Striving Military Building to Protect the Security of the People (March 10th 2016)
2016/03/09 Defense Minister Gao Guang-Chi Acknowledges Success of Military Retention Rate in Military Service Celebration (March 9th 2016)
2016/03/08 Military Organizes Military Insurance Ordinance and Amendment Seminar to Protect the Rights of the Officers and Soldiers (March 8th 2016)
2016/03/07 Developing Strong Bonds Amidst Challenges in the Marine Corp Military Base Training (March 7th 2016)
2016/03/04 First Annual Disaster Prevention Exercise Held in Matsu – Inspecting the Mobilization Mechanisms of National Defense (March 4th 2016)
2016/03/03 Experiencing the Suffering of the People – Airing of the Military Rescue Operations on Thursday (March 3rd 2016)
2016/03/02 Ministry of National Defense Spokesman Facebook page Publishes 3rd Military Promotional Video “Rapid Strike Force” (March 2nd 2016)