Defense News

2016/08/09 Ministry of National Defense Issues Press Release Stating Information for “The ‘32nd Han Kuang Military Exercise’ Live Exercise Planning” (August 9th 2016)
2016/08/05 ROC Army Kinmen Defense Command Issues Press Release to Clarify the Incident of the “Kinmen Armored Vehicle Crashes into Bridge Pier to Avoid Truck in Opposite Traffic”
2016/08/05 Ministry of National Defense Issues Press Release Stating the Hosting of Memorandum of Cooperation Intent Signing Ceremony with Kaohsiung City Government for the “205th Plant Relocation Project” (August 5th 2016)
2016/08/05 Navy Command Headquarters Issue Press Release Stating the “Co-Launching of the 2016 Joint ‘Fishermen Protection’ Drill by the Ministry of National Defense and Coast Guard Administration to Demonstrate the Determination of the Government in Protecting
2016/08/02 Ministry of National Defense Conducts Routine Press Conference for Release of “Hualien Air Base ‘National Defense Educational Tour –Military Base Tour’” Information (August 2nd 2016)
2016/07/29 Ministry of National Defense Issues Press Release Stating that “National Defense Educational Materials may be Procured from Youth Daily News or Reproduced upon Official Authorization by the Ministry Of National Defense” (July 29th 2016)
2016/07/29 Air Force Command Headquarters Issue Press Release Clarifying Media Report of “Failure of Air Force EC-225 Rescue Aircraft to Conduct High Mountain Rescue Operations”
2016/07/27 Chen Chung-Chi: Implementing Access Restrictions on Taiping Island In Accordance with Regulations and Providing Assistance to Fishermen in Need (July 27, 2016)
2016/07/26 Vocational Training Center of the Veterans Affairs Commission Conducts Joint Industry Training to Broaden Employment Prospects of Retiring Military Personnel (July 26, 2016)
2016/07/25 Discovery of “Treatment Result Prediction of Diabetic Patients with Pneumonia” by Tri-Service General Hospital Benefits Emergency Patients (July 25, 2016)