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Defense News

2016/01/15 Wang, Hsing-Wei Supervises Preparation for Annual Min-an Exercise to Strengthen Local Disaster Prevention Mechanism (January 15, 2016)
2016/01/14 President Ma Paid Visited the Mausoleum on the 28th anniversary of the death of late President Chiang, Ching-Kuo (January 14, 2016)
2016/01/13 Hsu, Yen-Pu: Thousands of Commemorating Medals Will be Issued to Pay Tribute to Martyrs (January 13, 2016)
2016/01/12 President Ma Supervised Manufacturing Center of Armaments Bureau and Recognized R&D Results of Military Goods (January 12, 2016)
2016/01/11 Military Academy Students Participate in Documentary Competition, Internet Voted First Runner-up Enjoys High Popularity (Jan 11th 2016)
2016/01/08 Army Education, Training and Doctrine Development Command Continues to Strengthen Correct Gender Equality Perception to Protect Military Honor (Jan 8th 2016)
2016/01/07 Defense Minister Gao Guang-Chi Met with Personnel Scheduled for Overseas Training and Personnel Returning from Overseas Training to Encourage them to Utilize their Talents for the Military (Jan 7th 2016)
2016/01/06 Commander Tang Chia-Kun Inspects “Min-An 2 Exercise” Drill Preparations and Encourages Stronger Coordination and Cooperation (Jan 6th 2016)
2016/01/05 Yen Teh-Fa Requests Officers and Soldiers to Engage in Rigorous Training and to Ensure Implementation of Risk Management (Jan 5th 2016)
2016/01/04 Veterans Affairs Council Organizes 2016 Vocational Training to increase Employment Competitiveness for Veterans and Family Members (Jan 1st 2016)