Defense News

2017/01/23 Air Force press release to explain the car accident in Hualian military compound today (23rd). (January 23rd, 2017)
2017/01/22 MND clarified it is absolutely non-sense what former MP Zheng-Yuan Tsai had posted on Facebook “All members of military police in the northern region have been mobilized to Office of the President and prepared rubber bullets to clash down”. (January
2017/01/16 MND press release to interpret the news report “Brotherhood rivalry, a staff sergeant knock-outed” (January 16th, 2017)
2017/01/14 MND press release to explain the case “Rescuing mission of Air Rescue Group over a Panamanian vessel” (January 6th, 2017)
2017/01/12 MND’s press release to interpret “Chinese aircraft carrier is sailing north along Chinese coast line and has left from Taiwan Strait since 0630 today.” (January 12th, 2017)
2017/01/11 MND’s press release to explain “Chinese aircraft carrier battle group is sailing north along Chinese coast line and is predicted to return to its harbor from the north side of Taiwan Strait on tomorrow morning (12th).” (January 11th, 2017)
2017/01/10 MND’s press release to address that active generals will never individually express comment and any report without clear byline or quotation is only rumor and to appeal to news media to be r
2017/01/09 MND’s press release to formally clarify those quotations from anonymous “Military General” used in reports of Chinese military activities.( January 9th, 2017)
2017/01/06 Air Force HQ press release to explain the unconsciousness incident of the senior student Kuo in Officer Academy(January 6th, 2017)
2017/01/04 MND’s press release clarifies “Chinese aircraft carrier north-bound back along the strait middle posing a threat to Taiwan with a circle-round” (January 4th, 2017)