Defense News

2016/09/22 Aviation and Special Forces Command Issues Press Release Statement Offering Clarification on the Media Report of “Military Authorities Disregarded Dementia Threat of Military Personnel”
2016/09/20 Kinmen Defense division clarified the incident “People pleaded compassion for soldiers showering at a school but condemned by a School Drill Officer”(20160920)
2016/09/18 Air Force HQ elucidated the training project “Defending air province. Air Force to practice life-fire tomorrow”.(20160918)
2016/09/17 Air Force HQ published the explanation for incident “Story of meal cans of rescuing soldiers slighted”.(02160917)
2016/09/16 MND published news information of all preparation for typhoon Malakas(20160916)
2016/09/15 Air Force HQ addressed to media for the report “The radar station was partially damaged by typhoon Meranti” (20160915)
2016/09/14 Air Force HQ responded to the reported incident “Staff Sergeant Yang involved in sexual harassment, breach of freedom and secrete”.(20160914)
2016/09/13 MND published new information to explain potential impact by “Typhoon Meranti” on Taiwan and the military is well-prepared for its coming(September 19, 2016).
2016/09/12 Army Sixth Regiment explained the incident “Officer Visiting in 542 Brigade”
2016/09/10 Air Force HQ announced statement for the incident “Breach of contract of mooncakes”(20160910)