Defense News

2017/06/05 MND press release to explain “Operation of the military assisting rescue and recovery missions after the torrential rainfall on June 1st (June 5th2017)
2017/06/04 MND press release to explain “Continuous deployment to support the recovery works in order to have livelihood back to normal shortly” (June 4th 2017)
2017/06/03 MND press release to report “General Lee on behalf of Director Feng to encourage all men and women offering support in Keelung” (June 3rd 2017)
2017/06/02 MND press release to interpret “MND completed the preparation of level-2 response centre and deployment for the torrential rain on June 2nd (June 2nd 2017)
2017/06/01 Press release of Air Force HQ to explain the news report “A female Sergeant pranked in a bunker of an anti-submarine aircraft on her birthday party” (June 01st 2017)
2017/05/30 MND press release to clarify news report “PLA occupied Penghu in HK exercise and Chief of General Staff yielded up counter-attack” groundless (30th May 2017)
2017/05/26 MND press release to explain the report “Weapons and suspicious military magazines found in furniture shop” and state zero connection with the military. (26th May 2017)
2017/05/25 MND press release to clarify the incident “President was late for HK exercise?”
2017/05/20 Press release of Army HQ to interpret the present condition of “Chia-Ho village”
2017/05/17 MND press release to explain “2017 2nd Study Group of Civil Defense Camp at Spratly Islands Area” (17th May 2017)