Autonomous defense zone


Development Affair of National Defense Technology



MND, MST (Ministry of Science and Technology) and MEA (Ministry of Economic Affairs) established Development Affair of National Defense Technology under the administration of Executive Yuan to integrate the civil effort into the industry of national defense technology and accelerate the process of self-sufficient national defense.


(1) Plan and institute “Development Project for the Industry of National Defense Technology” (the “Project”) and overlook the progress of the Project.

(2) Investigate and found the database of agencies, foundations and products related to the industry of national defense technology.

(3) Collaboration between industries of transferring technology of purchased military equipment

(4) Foster and employ the talented into the industry of national defense technology.

Collaboration between academies, institutes and industries for national defense technology.

(6) Support the development, production, maintenance, sales project and special cases of national defense technology.

(7) Promotion of integrating all other relevant civil effort into the industry of national defense technology.


(1) The Deputy Director of MND is the Convener of the Affair to manage the all and the Political Deputy Ministers of MEA and MST are the Co-conveners to support.

(2) The Affair has a committee with 25 members in it. Except for Convener and Co-conveners being permanent committeemen, other committeemen are part-timed by the following personnel and without extra payment.

(3) Executive Yuan : Director of Foreign defense and Legitimacy Commission and Executive Secretary of Technology Office

(4) MEA: Director General of Industrial Development Bureau and Director of Technique Commission

(5) MoE: Director of Department of Informatics and Technology Education.

(6) MND: 1 Administrative Deputy Minister, Directors of Department and Bureau of General management and Director of National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology.

(7) MST: Directors of Department of Foresight and Innovation Policies and Department of Engineering and Technologies.

(8) 6 Academic expertise

(9) 5 representatives of the industry

4. Period of convention

The Affair holds the committee conference once in half year to discuss the projects and the performance of ongoing projects. The temporary conference can be held in case of emergent issues. The conclusion of the conference is transmitted to relevant agencies or units by MND documents. Any report of amendment or critical policy to Executive Yuan will be submitted by MND.

Information date: 2016/07/01