Defense News


Regarding the news, “the falling to death of a military female officer” reported by the media, the 8th Field Army claimed today (24th) that Staff Sergeant Tang of the Group of Transport in the 4th Regional Support Command was found lying on the grass at the side of the Building of the Barracks by a soldier on January 17. After being sent to the hospital by the unit for the emergency medical treatment, her death was announced at midnight of January 21. Now the case had been sent to Pingtung District Prosecutors Office for investigation.

The 8th Field Army is deeply sorry and sad for this case and is going to assist the families of Soldier Tang to manage the funeral. Regarding the reason of this case, we hope all people respect the authority of the prosecutors and the feelings of the families and do not have any speculation on it. We will cooperate with the legal investigation to clarify the fact.