Defense News


Regarding the case of the “accident with drunk driving” of the soldier of ROCMC 99th Marine Brigade, Marine Corps Command claimed today (25th) that the Solider Kuo caused the death of the Lin person on the Zhongxiao Road of Pingtung City on 0540 of January 22th with drunk driving. The Battalion Commander and Company Commander had been sent to the police station for assistance at the first moment and gave the regards to the family of the deceased. The family hoped to have the further discussion after the accomplishment of the funeral.

Marine Corps Command emphasized that moral integrity is still the principle of this year; therefore, drunk driving is detested and cannot be allowed. The prohibition by the law has been frequently promoted but Soldier Kuo still ignored it and caused a fatal accident. In addition to cooperating with the legal investigation, an evaluation meeting will be held to make a punishment and dismiss the service of Soldier Kuo to show the determination of the Army to prevent drunk driving.