Defense News


Regarding the submitted article expressing the worry about the Defense Affair Specialist System, Ministry of National Defense claimed today (25th) that this case is seriously concerned the great amount of resources to cultivate the professional manpower in defense. However, considering the features of military missions and the limitation of services for the military officers who need to leave the Army after the retirement as the waste of resources, the manpower structure in military career has been reviewed and adjusted, and military officers with the age the retirement will be encouraged to continue their military service.

Regarding the selected position (operating officer, proceeding officer, supervision officer/solider) and business scope mentioned in the article, it means the appointed position or specialty can be used to provide the position to consider the professional skills and classification for the “defense affair specialist” as the reference. Moreover, considering the fields suitable for non-military manpower and also the elements like military manpower specialty, classification, and promotion, nine types of defense affair specialty which cannot be replaced and difficult to be cultivated are reviewed and decided (personnel, information, logistics, political warfare, communications electronics and information, technology, budge and finance, military law) to be regarded as the “defense affair specialist,” responsible for regulating the policy, analyzing the information, handling and organizing psychological operations, military investment project, information, internet, budget and finance, data analysis, and human resources management.

Military of National Defense emphasized, the Defense Affair Specialist System is needed for keeping professional manpower. In addition to immediate operating and promoting the planning of the policy, it can also carry on useful experience and technology and effectively extend the career planning for military officers. This year is the trial year for promotion, and this case will be adjusted in a roll-up process year by year to have “defense affair specialist” gradually.