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The Press Release of Ministry of National Defense,

12.40 pm of January 28th, 2018

Today (01/28) Liberty Times quoted the content from the inspection conference of the Executive Yuan on December 26, 2017 to point out the “five weaknesses” of the implementation of the volunteer enlisted system. The description of Ministry of National Defense is shown as the following:

1.The information used by the Control Yuan was from 2016, and Ministry of National Defense will make a report after collecting the information from 2017 and the plan of 2018.

2.Now we enter the sixth year after the approval of the volunteer enlisted system in 2012, and we realize that there are five advantages of this system: (1) the quality is elevated (2) the specialists are selected (3) the military force is stable (4) the situation can be sustained long (5) the combat strength is increased. After all, these advantages are still increasing.

3.Ministry of National Defense will hold a meeting every quarter to review the enlisting situation and also check the result for correction. We attempt to “gradually increase the number from the volunteer enlisted system and decrease the number from the conscription system” to finally establish the powerful military force with “sufficient amount, high quality, and strong combat ability” and achieve “the implementation plan of the volunteer enlisted system” with the aim at replacing the regular army by volunteer soldiers.

The Army is going to train the volunteer soldiers for the crops and the combat, and Ministry of National Defense will strive to make the volunteer enlisted system work efficiently to protect our country and people, accomplish the mission of the army, and make people feel safe.

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