Defense News


Ministry of National Defense claimed today (1st) that the continental cold air mass will arrive from today according to the weather forecast reported by Central Weather Bureau and it might strengthen and turn to be the cold current; therefore, military officers and civilians should be aware of it and keep themselves warm, and also pay more attention to other military soldiers, families, the single retired and the aged people who live alone beside the barracks. Remember to go to the hospital at once when the body is uncomfortable to protect the personal health and the combat strength of the military.

Ministry of National Defense pointed out that the Minister Feng, Shih-kuan was concerned more about the anti-cold facilities and equipment for the military officers on duty in offshore islands and stations of mountains, and requested the units to provide sufficient equipment, hot food, and hot water for shower for the military officers to keep warm and eat full. In addition, the Minister Feng requested the Military Medical Care to keep promoting the prevention of the influenza and cardiovascular disease which could easily be occurred in winter. He also appointed all barracks to use anti-cold measures like heaters on the premise of keeping the safety of people, place, and equipment, so as to protect the health of military officers and maintain the combat strength.

Ministry of National Defense also claimed that “run scared and preparedness averts peril” should be concerned. Due to the change in extreme weather in these years, the Army established the Emergency Response and Rescue Section in Wuling Barracks of Hehuan Mountain in winter since 2010 according to the instruction of “preparedness of military force and immediate rescue.” The 586 Army Brigade had sent 2 CM21 armored personnel carriers to carry on the missions like assisting the isolated travelers to withdraw, delivering goods, breaking the ice on the road, dragging the broken vehicles for the purpose of protecting the safety of the civilians.