Defense News


Regarding the news, “the affair of a married security officer with a young sergeant,” Army Command Headquarters claimed today (1st) that the officer and the sergeant who violated the gender division had been reviewed and transferred from the original units.

Army Command Headquarters pointed out that a special group had been established to make an investigation in the first place when the affair was noticed. After the verification of violating the gender division, the transfer of these two persons from the original units was made at once and the further matter will be considered and arranged by following the regulations and the evidence.

Army Command Headquarters also emphasized that it is crucial to maintain the gender division without getting into trouble as the principle of military character required by the Army. The Army felt sorry for the officers who stepped out of line and will continue to educate the gender division, establish the concept of gender equity, and have the correct recognition of relationship in the military to prevent the occurrence of similar situations again.