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A Press Release, Navy Command Headquarters,

February 6th, 2018, 19:00

Regarding the online news, “the dissatisfaction of the building specifications brought Ministry of National Defense to call off the procurement briefing of Tuo Chiang-class missile corvette,” Navy Command Headquarters claimed today (6th) that the content of the news concerning building specifications and the gas turbine engine used in the propulsion system was a pure conjecture and different from the model regulated by the Navy. Also, Ministry of National Defense did not have any dissatisfaction of Tuo Chiang-class missile corvette that caused the cancelation. It is no need for the media to release the news only by speculation in order to prevent the development of domestic industry.

Navy Command Headquarters also appreciated the concern of the media and civilians, and will continue to promote the following operations of Tuo Chiang-class missile corvette according to the original plan and implement the policy of domestic production of warships steadily and firmly.