Defense News


Regarding the disaster caused by the earthquake in Hualien and the wish to rescue the disconnected people soon, Ministry of National Defense claimed today (7th) the Army had arranged the heavy equipment and professional rescue members from different combat zones to enter the disaster areas to operate the rescue mission with great efforts by following the instruction of President Tsai to “save life first, and make all-out efforts to support Hualien,” expecting to let people return to their normal life soon.

Ministry of National Defense pointed out, General Lee, Hsi-ming, Chief of Staff held a meeting at Emergency Operations Center at 20:00 tonight and requested all units to be aware of the changeable weather and remind the military officers for the rescue mission to prepare well and keep warm. The rescue period should be arranged and divided properly with the shift of the duty. The physical and mental condition of military officers should also be looked after in order to keep them healthy to accomplish the mission effectively.

Ministry of National Defense also claimed, 661 military officers and totally 28 categories with 149 pieces of the equipment including the excavators, life detectors, and wireless remote control cameras had been sent to support until today. The Army arranged the rescue equipment from different combat zones immediately to support Hua-tung Defense Command. The military officers from the Army Crops and Army Aviation and Special Forces Command were also sent to the disaster areas to operate the rescue mission according the requirement of professional rescue ability.

In addition, Military Police Crops in Hualien and logistics officers worked together to operate the blockage of the site, the traffic control, the dispersion of people, and the allocation of the victims in the shelters. 4 S-70C, 2 RF-5, 13 C-130 and 4 CH-47 aircrafts were sent today to operate the aerial photography and the transport of officers and equipment so as to bring the rescue members to arrive at the disaster areas in the first place and enhance the entire rescue ability.

Ministry of National Defense emphasized that the Army always cooperates with the police, firefighters, and rescue members together to face the sudden and crucial natural disaster and enter the disaster areas in the first place without giving up any opportunity to rescue and save life.