Defense News


Ministry of National Defense claimed today (7th) that the earthquake occurred at 23:50 on February 6 in Hualien, and Ministry of National Defense immediately established Emergency Operations Center at 00:30 on February 7th with the Minister Feng, Shih-kuan who directed and managed the updated situation. According to the report, the most serious area damaged by the earthquake was Hualien City. Lieutenant General He, Cheng, the Commander of Hua-tung Defense Command arrived at the collapsed Marshal Hotel at 00:25 to inspect the site with Hualien County Government together, and mobilized standby military force to operate the rescue mission immediately.

Hua-tung Defense Command (second combat zone) entered Guolian 5th Street, Hualien City at 01.10 to set up the forward command post there. Until 02:30, 398 military officers, 7 medium tactical vehicles, 13 ambulances, 1 floodlight truck, and 1 fire engine had been sent there for assistance.

Also, 56 military officers from the Army Crops (with 26 life detectors) would be there for further assistance, and 3 standby C-130 aircrafts would bring the military officers and rescue equipment from Army Aviation and Special Forces Command to Hualien City for the rescue mission which was instructed and directed by General Chen, Bao-yu, Deputy Chief of Staff and the Executive Officer. Regarding the required heavy equipment for the rescue, the third, fourth, and fifth combat zones had been requested and coordinated to give the support immediately.

President Tsai was concerned about the updated situation of the rescue mission in the video conference and also expressed the affirmation and praise to the ability of the Army for the immediate rescue.

The Minister Feng, Shih-kuan especially used the video to understand the rescue situation of military officers on the site, and also suggested the captain be aware of the recent cold weather and remind the military officers to keep themselves warm so as to proceed the rescue mission smoothly.