Defense News


Regarding the disaster caused by the earthquake in Hualien, Ministry of National Defense claimed today (8th) that the Army will make all-out efforts to operate the rescue mission. Totally 1,147 military officers are there operating different missions like medical treatment, the rescue by military corps, traffic control, assisting and searching, and duty support.

Ministry of National Defense pointed out that 4 C-130 aircrafts were sent today to operate the mission of transferring executive officers and equipment. Totally 28 categories with 3,689 pieces of the equipment had also been sent there for the rescue mission including the excavators, life detectors, wireless remote control cameras, new style tent for the single person to support the rescue and medical services. The portable camping shower had been set outside of the temporary shelters at Hualien County Stadium and Zhonghua Elementary School for the victims and rescue military officers to wash with hot water. Mental Health Center of Military of National Defense also appointed the counseling officer at the Stadium to provide victims and rescue military officers with counseling service.

Ministry of National Defense also claimed, Hua-tung Defense Command had set up the forward command post at Jinfeng Life Park near Yunmen Tsuiti Building and established the internet connection by the satellite system to hold the video conference with Emergency Operations Center and provide instant earthquake condition and rescue information.

Furthermore, General Welfare Service arrived there to offer 7 categories with 593 boxes of goods including mixed rice sweet porridges and coffee. Mr. Dong-Lian Lee, the President of Friends of Armed Forces Association, also donated 200 boxes of instant noodles and 100 boxes of mineral water to comfort the hardship of military officers for rescue.

Ministry of National Defense emphasized that the Army will continue to provide more military officers to support and make all-out efforts to rescue the disconnected people at Yunmen Tsuiti Building.