Defense News


Regarding the disaster caused by the earthquake in Hualien, Ministry of National Defense claimed today (8th) that the military officers from the Army Crops and Army Aviation and Special Forces Command, and heavy equipment were all standby by following the instruction of on-site commander to enter the damaged areas for rescue and searching for the disconnected civilians quickly without giving up any hope.

Ministry of National Defense pointed out General Lee, Hsi-ming, Chief of Staff, went to Hualien to inspect the disaster areas this morning, representing Minister Feng Shih-kuan to comfort and encourage military officers to operate the rescue mission day and night in cold weather. He requested the second combat zone to continuously maintain a close coordination with other rescue units like fire brigade and rescue department in order to produce the best possible result for the rescue mission, and also appointed military officers should keep safe while continuing the rescue mission with all-out efforts.

Ministry of National Defense also claimed, 486 military officers had been sent to the disaster areas today (shift work) for assistance. Totally 28 categories with 115 pieces of the equipment which included the excavators, life detectors, wireless remote control cameras, and the portable camping shower, had been sent there for the rescue mission and medical service. Cooperated with Hualien County Government, the victims were allocated at Hualien County Stadium and Zhonghua Elementary School as the temporary shelters, and the second combat zone had also appointed military officers to provide more assistance like setting up the shower, keeping the environment clean, and offering the counseling service to ensure the allocated civilians could be looked after properly.

Though many aftershocks still occur in the whole country, the Army will continuously operate the rescue mission and take action to keep the civilians safe.