Defense News


Regarding the disaster caused by the earthquake in Hualien and the wish to save life during the golden window, Ministry of National Defense claimed today (9th) that the Army ceaselessly operated the rescue mission, sent military officers and equipment like floodlight truck, and cooperated with rescue members from different places to operate the rescue mission and maintain security.

Ministry of National Defense pointed out, 1,711 military officers, 25 aircrafts, 800 tents, and other 8 categories with 80 pieces of rescue equipment, vehicles for transport, and logistic equipment had been sent to the disaster areas from the midnight of February 6 until now to operate the rescue mission, maintain security, clean the disaster areas and move the stone away, and provide the medical service. 344 military officers will be sent tomorrow (10th) to follow the instruction of the on-site commander to continuously rescue at Yunmen Tsuiti Building and allocate the civilians to stay in Hualien County Stadium and Zhonghua Elementary School as the temporary shelters.

In addition, a C-130 aircraft was sent this morning by the Republic of Singapore Air Force to carry on tents, medical supplies, lighting equipment, etc. to arrive at the Air Base in Hualien at 15.05. Ministry of National Defense arranged the medium tactical vehicle to transfer those materials and equipment to Hualien County Government for proper use, and also felt grateful for the humanistic assistance from Singapore.

In order to comfort the hardship of military officers for rescue the disaster areas in Hualien, Mr. Dong-Lian Lee, the President of Friends of Armed Forces Association went to Emergency Operations Center of Ministry of National Defense this afternoon to express the consideration and gratitude from the society to all military officers on duty, and donated 1 million dollars to the military officers for rescue in Hualien as the grants. The care and encouragement from Mr. Lee made military officers who operated the rescue mission in Hualien felt warm and energetic.

Ministry of National Defense emphasized that some disconnected people were still unfound until now. The Army will keep sending military officers to assist the rescue mission and hope to find them quickly.