Defense News


Ministry of National Defense claimed today (9th), this morning President Tsai ate breakfast with the military officers at Hua-tung Defense Command and felt grateful and gave affirmation to Hua-tung Defense Command and the military officers for the hardship of carrying on professional equipment and facilities to support the rescue mission in Hualien.

Regarding the disaster caused by the earthquake in Hualien, Ministry of National Defense also claimed that the focus of the mission today would be the continuous rescue of the disconnected victims at Yunmen Tsuiti Building, and also cooperated with the planning of Hualien County Government to help dismantle the dangerous buildings including Marshal Hotel and the houses on Guosheng 6th Street.

Ministry of National Defense pointed out, 504 military officers had been sent to the disaster areas today (shift work) for assistance. Totally 9 categories with 80 pieces of the equipment which included wireless remote control cameras, life detectors, the excavators, mounted loaders, floodlight trucks, ambulances, and the portable camping shower had also been sent to support the rescue people at Yunmen Tsuiti Building, dismantle Marshal Hotel and the houses on Guosheng 6th Street, and offer medical and counseling services at Hualien County Stadium and Zhonghua Elementary School, the temporary shelters.

Furthermore, running water had not completely been provided for every area in Hualien; therefore, Air Education Training & Doctrine Development Command, Air Force 5th Tactical Fighter Wing, and the Second Regional Support Command actively sent fire engines to Mennonite Christian Hospital and Hualien Hospital to supply water for use. Until now, totally 24 times of water delivery with 36,000 gallons were provided for medical care to use without affecting the quality of the medical service.

Ministry of National Defense emphasized that some disconnected victims were still unfound until now. The Army will keep sending more military officers to operate the rescue mission and hope to find them soon.