Defense News


A Press Release, Navy Command Headquarters,

February 23rd, 2018, 15:40

Regarding the news, “the misdirection of Hsiung Feng III has been validated as the impeachment by the Control Yuan,” Navy Command Headquarters claimed today (02/23) that the misdirection of Hsiung Feng III which happened in 2016 had brought the Commander and all levels to admit the mistake and review the cause in the first place. July 1 has also been considered as the “Review Day of the Navy” to prevent the occurrence of any similar situation again.

Navy Command Headquarters also claimed that Ministry of National Defense and the Navy completely respected the authority and the objective position of the Control Yuan and cooperated with the investigation. Regarding the soldiers who breached the responsibility, the administrative review had been accomplished to propose the punishment by the regulations. This case will therefore be considered as a crucial lesson in the future to concentrate more on the operation and training.