Defense News


According to media reports, "the military plans to build tiny missile assault craft" b, defense ministry said today (8th), the case is based on the consideration future enemy threat chiefs, according to the nations "coastal run-off, beach shore body count" operational idea, in the effective use of defense resources and play under the thinking of asymmetric warfare, guide naval research and built.

The Ministry of Defense emphasized that this case is currently with the progress of military weapons and equipment to obtain the Bill" by the Chungshan Institute of Science and technology by the implementation of the assessment procedures and specifications in the formulation of the Institute was held on January 5, invites instructions designed to obtain relevant specifications, price information needs of case. The case will be the case that the powers and responsibilities of the ministers approved and then incorporated into the governance program implementation. The cases are in accordance with the provisions of the text job, calls upon the media do not own guesswork, hereby clarification.