Defense News


The Ministry of Defense this morning(4th)the date noted, the CPC Liaoning aircraft carrier by the number of ship combat ship accompanied, from the resident of the departure, the voyage through the Zhoushan Island, The Contractor will perform the cross-zone far out to sea on a long voyage, the Ministry of Defense continues to master its dynamics.

In addition, the Ministry of Defense categorically said, the CCP without consultation between the two sides under their own discretion, enabled M503 from South to North routes, the use of W121 and W122 And W123 routes, the disregard for the Taiwan Strait flight safety. Based on the maintenance of our anti-safety purposes, the Department of Defense strongly opposed the CCP to use without consultation of the route.

The Ministry of Defense stressed that the National Army has been reinforcing the sea, airspace, surveillance, and reconnaissance, as, where the intrusion of the Strait center line to the East of the region, the threat to China's air defense security, National Army must follow the “National Army the regular operational period emergency disposal regulations “to be intercepted, a warning, and drove them off.