Defense News


The Army Logistics Command today (4th), said that the Procurement Division to (2017), "medium tactical wheel tires-radiation" case, the party performing delivery, attached files by non-acceptance of this part of the judgment is not qualified in accordance with the law in accordance with the follow-up to Rio.

The Ministry of Land and that the case law with government procurement and tender procedures on procurement. The businessmen on tire delivery inspection, by about a ministry of finance bureau of standards issued by the Commodity authentication logon certificate", so this case acceptance personnel aware of specific, the letter of the standard board confirm that the file with fake fraudulent or altered, the whole case will soon found not qualified acceptance and understanding of the office.

The Ministry emphasized that this case continues with the principle of "administration by law". 
According to manufacturer issuing counterfeit or altered document B, except handling complete case termination, payment for compensation, and letter asking prosecutors to investigate laws according to law, ensure that this part interests.