Defense News

  1. The present case is a sophisticated “field rations and heating lunch box “diet quality, on instructions from the Minister of guidance to the “taste of diversity of choice, improve eat satiety “as the goal of the Institute, field rations increase in taste selectivity, and the development of the zipper bag packaging to enhance the Save portable; plus a hot meal to increase the meal solids content and the contents of portion sizes, and enhance the heating effectiveness, and according to the officers preferences to adjust the taste, and meet the rapidly hot demand.
  2. In order to make the research progress close to the demand of officers and soldiers, this department cooperate with annual actual soldier drill, adopt questionnaire survey method to check preference degree. 
    Soldiers and soldiers have been highly affirmed and satisfied with this field rations and heating lunch boxes.
  3. The present case has been to complete the specification revision and sign on instructions from approved, included in the annual procurement, pre-in the 107 years since chip fill; then with the current field rations and heating lunch box push Chen time to shift up, the future can fully meet the troops, field and disaster response diet, Supplement calorie consumption and nutritional needs.