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The Ministry of Defense today(1)day represents the celebration of the Republic of China 107 New Year's Day, the Ministry of Defense von Minister early in the morning, led by the military Deputy Po will, National Defense University President Wu Admiral, etc. with reference to the unit supervisor, as well as Land, Sea, Air Force officer school, National Defense University, National Defense Medical College, army Academy and air force aviation technology College, etc. 7 The Military School house student representatives 480 members, to participate in New Year's Day Presidential Palace flag-raising concerts, common to greet the New Year.

The Ministry of Defense pointed out that singing the national anthem, participate in the flag-raising ceremony, is the love of country-specific performance, the Department this year continued by Lin Zhi-Ying, Colonel, etc. the 44 Member States military model, in the New Year of the Presidential Palace flag-raising ceremony, with the world Universiade gold medalist, the Chinese men's soccer team Co-leads people Qi singing the national anthem, the continuation of the glory to the New Year, deep with meaning.

Besides this year New Year's Day flag raising concert the Ministry of Defense demonstration band and the Armed Forces instrument team cooperate with General Assembly planning main axis "happy together". 
5 songs such as Peace March, signal song, Flying Heart, embrace of World embrace you, and South Wind March etc. match with Army instrument team position change and fancy gun display excellent formation. 
Rich countries enjoy prosperity and prosperity together meet the beginning of the Republic of China's Republic of China.

The Ministry of Defense stressed that the Republic of China 2018 New Year's Day Presidential Palace flag-raising ceremony for an important national celebration, with the “happiness common good “of the activities of the spindle, except by the country's military a model for the lead vocal of the national anthem and military academies students participate in flag-raising concert, army band and the Ministry of Defense exemplary orchestra more will be in the population throughout the country presented the perfect Zhuang Sheng army capacity to the actual action to Express love of country.


The Republic of China 2018 New Year's Day Presidential Palace flag-raising concert in Ministry of Defense exemplary orchestra, military band performativity features.

1. Defense demonstration Band:

(I) entry into entry: peace marches with Peace as its main axis for music.

China has become mature society economy and scientific and technological strength is squeezed into advanced countries. War and unrest have become past tense hope people should improve vigilance forget the sacrifices and dedication of martyrs.  Hope to borrow this song melodious march, greet world peace dawn.

(Ⅱ)Performing : "signal song", "flying heart", "hug world hug you" music begins by trumpet and drum shaking "signal melody" symbol military new era has arrived.

With the stack of brass instruments stacked music momentum gradually expanded and entered into such as marching speed of the theme.

In place of the "flying heart" is the domestic well-known hit music composer Mr Chung down individual works, the song into the singing style of the indigenous peoples. Is the first part, the second part into passionate march, coupled with strong attack rhythm, the entire piece of music to the highest level, and use the technique end reappearance of the theme of the song, is expected to make Chinese people flying state of mind again, to meet the future of a better democratic society.

After a period of "embracing the world embrace you" is by the Paiwan tribe singer dance rather well. Method gains (Utjung Tjakivalid) in the creation of the republic of China in 105, in Paiwan tribe "I u giugi senasena I" (Paiwan tribe language: to sing and dance together) throughout the whole song, last year won the "2017 Taipei world universiade" theme song, final first award, this is to show Taiwan's young people youthful vitality, and with indigenous peoples happy joyful spirit, for the coming New Year.

(Ⅲ) performing exercises exit into barrier group: "south wind" march was created by famous domestic composer professor Kong professor, professor Kong majors majored in trumpet and piano.

He was chief trumpet and assistant director of Taipei Youth Band for his master of trumpet playing and theoretical composition at University of Northern Colorado. 
Currently teaches at National Tainan University Music Department and works for Taipei Youth symphonic band composer whose works mainly include wind music works.

"South wind" march this piece of music to maintain the stability of the typical march figures and neat symmetrical paragraph form, especially in the overall music style, in the breezy and elegant smooth two have contrast nature melody mutual echo, and architecture in strong Oriental colour of the pentatonic scale, breezy and elegantly fluid characteristics, and between mutual reflect, is a very characteristic and worth to savor melody.

2. The army band(performativity description Version):

(Ⅰ)The squat gun:

Clear, loud horn sound, pierced the sky, together to greet the Brand New Republic 2018 year.

(Ⅱ) punching guns:

Flags are fluttering and standing without shaking.  Flag represents a nation's cultural history and spiritual symbol while standing in central army is armed with flags and flags of armed forces joint flag team.

(Ⅲ) Heart flying:

With gentle graceful movements, matching neat gun skills and changing formation transformation, today's flag raising ceremony is even more exciting.

(Ⅳ) round:

Music loud and clear heart flying, demonstration band together, whether in national celebrations, or music presentation, always focus on perfection near demanding.
As military personnel and professional performing artists, demonstration band players have added a melodious concert atmosphere to today's performances under such superb performances.

(Ⅴ) One word:

A military instrument team brother waving their weighing six kilograms M1, with the strong beat of blasting mutual echo, appear like a wave, endless miles of visual effect, then demonstrate the band brought about by the music, is the theme song of the 2017 world university games, embracing the world embrace you.

(Ⅵ) right-hand gun:

Era creates heroes creates achievements last year held in our country held world university games altogether set 90 medals glorious record. 
Young players diligently practiced day and night to enjoy their lifetime glory as brothers who experienced sweat and tears eventually showed their perfect performances in front of their eyes.

(Ⅶ) turn on by 2:

A military instrument team from tradition, breakthrough innovation, firm with soft marksmanship show, no poor precision and each instrument team with "no best, only better" team spirit to meet the challenges. Players are brave the bitter, still maintained a hot heart, maintain a high standard of performance.

(Ⅷ) shoulders:

Let us move forward together to create a better future together, the Defense Department model band and the Armed Forces Corps to wish the Republic of China for a new year, prosperous and prosperous.