Defense News


The Ministry of Defense addresses today(28th), the 2018-year in the first half of the Navy and army officer Jin granted the order ceremony, armed forces officers club victory hall was held by the Minister presided this morning, and on behalf of President Tsai. the ascent of any, Major General Staff granted the order, the chief of staff Lee will be, the Armed Forces commander and other countries the army higher-order generals are invited to the ceremony.

According to Ministry of Defense, Minister Fung addressed the following message:

Today on behalf of the President, presided over our land, sea and air force general ceremony, first of all to express sincere congratulations to you. You get promoted because your outstanding performance, and selfless recommended by chief, just can have the honor of your promotion, also on behalf of the state will give you more responsibility and mission.

   At this point I recall a friend, recently came to visit me, asking one thing, I put my conversation with him, to share with you. He asked me the defense department, the communist party of China offshore Chanchiang is normal, all nations can master the dynamic, defend, if no special situation, will no longer dance. He said that the Republic of China is a country with a democratic freedom, people have a right to know, whether you henceforth no longer report such activity?

I told him that we have good operation homeland security mechanism, and if you have special situation, we will be loyal to the above, will be honest to tell people of the whole country. Our nations no matter what difficulties, protects the people, with action to defend the country, sacrifice, this is our nations observed two mission, we want people to feel deeply, to our trust, trust our nations existence value, respect us by heart, I in this passage to all served as general mutual encouragement.

Since January 17th 1991 launched Desert Shield attacked Iraq, rescued Kuwait War, so far write down human advanced technology used in war history new articles, let us surprise and admiration. 
Our Ministry of Defense Shi Zheng units translated hundreds of American accounts of Middle East War, crystallized by American and coalition forces, and I tried hard enough to work hard after busy work. 
Advanced weapons and good systems should be high quality technical mature loyal brave officers to operate please everyone in talent cultivation should be done so that the country can be available to enable military troops to fight.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank you for your concern that they sacrificed youth and devoted themselves wholeheartedly to families who could carry out their lives without worry and go down to their troops and attend acting training. 
That made you today. 
Congratulations again to your promotion colleagues’ thanks for attending today's ceremony. 
Wish everyone health, family and joy, prosperity. Thanks to the media for their hard work.