Defense News


Ministry of Defense announced today the National Defense report of Republic of China (Republic of China), which began regularly published by Ministry of Defense since January 1999, No. 14 edition. 
Also known as President Cai's defense report since he took office. 
This compilation takes "guarding Xinjiang Wei, sees military" as main axis, military defense homeland and guardian homeland efforts truly presents.

The book architecture distinguishes from five chapters: strategic environment, defense preparation, national defense autonomy, defense governance and glorious military power. 
Meanwhile, we emphasize our country's contribution to maintaining regional stability and efforts of national military defense preparation.

Report for the first time to use a large number of "information chart", will help the reader quickly grasp the important defense information, collect the communist party of China (including "pelagic changhang" data, make Chinese people know surrounding the situation in the Taiwan strait and the communist party of China a military threat. Report is from the perspective of geopolitics, render the sketch of our country's important strategic position; Other nations main weapons and ground forces to fight a suit, and national defense independently, make people understand the defense force and policy effect.

In addition to expanding the audience to read Sync publishing popular youth groups favorite "Q" figure hairy ball style comic books to attract readers’ eyes and can link the QR code" introduced weapons and equipment in order to better meet the design between square books publishing, get closer to young readers’ distance to attract interest in reading and reach a national defense objectives.