Defense News


The Ministry of Defense announced on the 25th, the National Army recruited officers, authorized by the president. Five members of the Ministry of National Defense were promoted to the rank of chief and 23 were recruited as Major General. one was to be promoted to the presidential palace and another to the National Security Council. National Security Bureau has been appointed a Major General, in total of 31 members. Effective on January 1, 2018.

The Ministry of Defense pointed that the personnel promoted to the presidential palace, the Ministry of National Defense, the National Security Council, the National Security Bureau and other four units have been recruited to the rank and of six officers includes; Ma Ying-Han, Lo Te-Min, Chang Chieh, Huang Jin-cai, Wang Rui-lin and Chen Guo-hua. Promoted to Major General Staff Yeh Rui-jia, Liao Shu-huang, Dong Shao-ming, Zheng Lian-kang, Li Wei-de, Chang You-kai, Lin Zheng-ting, Yin Chang-rong, Wu Guang-Chang, Wu Song-ling, Peng Jian-en, Li Feng-xiang, Qiu Jun-rong, Chang Xian-rui, Gu Zhiz-hong, Zhou Zhong-shu, Chang Ming-de, Fan Chuan-sheng, Lin Chih-Hung, Tsao Ting-Ming, Li Ching-Jan,

 Xie Jun-Shan, Lin Chung-Hung, Kao, Shih-Huan, Lin Guo-yuan. 25 in total and in sum of 31 personnel.

Ministry of Defense further stated that the ceremony was held at 9:00 on Thursday December 28th at the officers' Club of the Armed Forces presided over by Minister Feng, Shih-kuan.
Senior generals and employees of Jin Ren were invited to participate in ceremony and invited President to visit him personally and encouraged.