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  1. Colonel Tung, Chief of Training Office
  2. Colonel Tan, Chief of Personnel Office
  3. Commissioner Ho, Civil Defense Office
  4. Team Leader Lu, Human Resource Office


II.New Arrangement for reserves in 2018

MND held a press conference on December 19 to explain the new arrangement for reserves in 2018. Colonel Tung said the project that reserves were allocated to troops for 11 weeks of practical experience had been 1 year. It was proved that reserves could learn from those experiences. Yet to sophisticate reserves ability, MND had decided new arrangement for reserves in 2018 to fortify the practical training for stronger reserves mobilization.



a. adjustment

The basic military training is still 4 months and divided into two stages, 5 weeks of induction and 11 weeks of skill training. The boot camp will be in charge of induction and supervisory units will be responsible for skill training.

  (i)Induction, integrated batches:

The induction part will be in a boot camp and the training includes life-fire shooting, combat tutorial, military movement and camping.

  (ii)Skill training, supervisory units:

After 5 weeks of induction, there will be a draw to allocate all reserves to supervisory units for 11 weeks of advanced skill training, such as tank driving, artillery, chemical, engineer, radio communication. This can meet the requirement of reserve mobilization with proper number of arms.

b. Summer boot camp:

No change in 8 weeks of training in each of two years. Those who finished the first 8 weeks of training in 2017 will be allocated to units in 2018 according to draw results. The reserves in 2018 will be managed by integrated batches.

c. Systems:

  1. For the induction, there are 20 boot camps in Army to train 78,590 men every year; the skill training in 12 different supervisory units can train 23,800 men every year. The yearly training capacity is 102,390 men.
  2. The project is now under discussion with NCA. Due to the academic semester, most of the reserves head into induction in second half of the year. It is planned that in the first half of 2018 MND will draft around 40,000 men whilst in the second half of 2018 MND will draft 60,000 men as the maximum capacity. Thus in 2018 the total conscripted men will be 100,000.
  3. Amid yearly critical exercise, reserves will be arranged to observe the situation and learn the practical experience.
  4. Part of the reserves will be allocated to outpost islands to back up the arms there.

d. Expectations:

  1. The core of the training is about life-fire shooting, combat tutorial, military movement, and camping. Reserves can learn military experiences and enhance the capacity of reserve mobilization.
  2. The training will be conducted in the order of integrated batches. It will also be the mobilization unit so that reserves can be trained in the same place for the best performance. The following “Concentric Exercise” can be the inspection to assure reserve troops of zero gap.