Defense News


To promote the idea of national defense and public relationship with the locals, MND held (14th) an education campaign and invited the locals near its Head Office, and students from SCU, Ta-Chih elementary school and Yung-An elementary school in the event of “2017 Q4 Helicopter landing training”. Director Feng was present to join the students and audience to watch the exercise of Army SF and Air Force Rescue Team. He hoped people can understand the capacity of the Force.

The landing training was the first time combined with the education campaign. There were dynamic and static demonstration. Firstly at 0715 Army sent in UH-60M loaded with SF to execute air raid in a simulation to show SF’s capacity. Following is S-70C of Rescue Team from Air Force carrying the wounded to retreat. Apart from giving the stunning act, it was also impressing people by how efficient and strong the Force is. There were demonstrations of equipment of SF and Rescue Team, including sniper rifles, laser distance detector, recon-robot and special rescue kit. It was a close interaction to root the idea of national defense based on “civil attention, civil support and civil involvement”.

During the day, director Feng welcomed all the locals and students and appealed to people for support. Director Feng also took photos with visitors as a memory for this event.