Defense News


For the media report “Pre-confirmation before the military chemical equipment inbound”, Army HQ said (13th) the content was over-exaggerated and groundless, and the HQ was sorry for it.

Army HQ clarified that the biochemical detecting vehicles were procured in a bidding in accordance with “Government Procurement Act”. The information and qualification of the winning contractor met the requirement in the bidding. The project asked for two batches of delivery and the contractor had completed the first one with two vehicles in September and passed the quality examination. The secondbatch was under the examination. As for the delay the media mentioned, the HQ had fined it accordingly and the pre-confirmation of air filter was absolutely groundless.

At the initial stage of the project, it had been under MJIB’s surveillance as a result of keen competition between contractors. The HQ would fully cooperate and manage the project by legitimacy. This was a clarification over the fictional media report.