Defense News


MND said (1st) P-3C aircrafts of Air Force were formally in duty to be the core of anti-submarine and electronic reconnaissance. President Tsai went to the air base in Ping Tung to hold the ceremony “Inheritance from S-2T to P-3C and renewal of force numbers”. Retired officers, military members and local representatives were invited to witness the critical milestone in anti-submarine task.

At 0917 am, President Tsai firstly called out “The orders of inheritance from S-2T to P-3C and renewal of force numbers”, and handed flags to Squad 1 to 7. Seven squad leaders took their squad flags honored by President. From the day all Air Force squads would retro the number 1 to 7 as new force numbers to succeed the merits with historical meaning.

At 0943 am, President Tsai headed to the stage to inspect the flights in the air and troops on the ground. S-2T (No.2220) lead its last flight in the air with following P-3C, E-2K, C-130, IDF, F-16, Mirage-2000 and Tiger team flying over the stage orderly to salute all visitors. The S-2T plane (No.2220) landed and was washed by the water curtain of 4 fire engines as a farewell for an old friend serving over 40 years. It was a touching moment for those who had ever served on the plane and all visitors cheered for S-2T to thank her for decades of contribution.

President Tsai was later on a vehicle to inspect the ground troops consisting of representatives from Squad 1 to 7 and the display of F-5E, Mirage-2000, IDF, F-16, S-70C, S-2T, E-2K, P-3C, and C-130.

In President Tsai’s speech, she said it was an honor moment that P-3C inherited the legacy of an old friend, S-2T. She believed after all P-3Cs were in Taiwan, the Force would be stronger to carry out the strategy “Strong hold with multi-layer defense” and counter attack enemy submarines to control the sea dominance.

President Tsai indicated that her holy responsibility as the highest commander of the Force was continuing the enhancement in the capacity of national defense. The sufficient national defense, above all, was one of the most critical measures.

President Tsai emphasized that the minehunter case was making the vessel development in a struggle, but the goal to become sufficient in national defense had never changed. She said “I am confident of the Force and we will correct the mistakes together and learn lessons to refine ourselves and found a better system for national defense.”

President Tsai also praised all military members for their contribution and claimed to uphold the Force and sufficient national defense which would always be the root of the Force. As long as working together with the investment from the government, military and industry, the goal would be achieved eventually.

At last President Tsai said this is an endless and always ongoing job to maintain the defense ability throughout generations, like P-3C inheriting the legacy of S-2T. She blessed everyone sincerely.

At the end of the ceremony, President Tsai left the stage and paid tribute to all representatives and retired members to thank them for their efforts.