Defense News



  1. General Chen, Chief of Propaganda Office
  2. Meng-Hua Yu, Chief of PR Office of Far East Airlines
  3. Coach Su, instructor of marching band in Hsi-Hsing High School
  4. Colonel Sun, CEO of Youth Daily News


II. 2018 The album calendar

MND held a press conference to explain the 2018 album calendar on November 28th. The responsible unit was Propaganda Office and its General Chen said the core idea of the calendar is “United support” garnished with a slogan “Good to have you all the time”. Through the photography and edition of Youth Daily News, brilliant people from different corners of the society were invited to be taken photo with military members, indicating diligence and duration and a combination with the reputation of the Force. It shows supportive bound to promote the idea of national defense.

Since 2015 the first album calendar came out, every year the core idea follows the policy direction of the Force with creative design. It has been well known and liked. The core idea in this year is “United support” casted with champion marching band of Hsi-Hsing High School, actors from TV drama “The Best choice”, internet celebrity group “NSFW”, Lecoin, NTPD, nurses, Far-East Airlines, movie director Kang Li, Chairman of Friends of Armed Forces Association, tug-of-war team of Ching-Mei Girl High School, Chio-Tian Folk Art Group, and illustrator Mr.Dom, totally 12 different icons from the society taking photos with military members. General Chen sincerely thanked them for their effort during their busy time and promised the Force will always be with people to protect our home by united support.

The calligraphic words on the cover page were written by Master Chi-Mao Li who would like to show his support to the Force by this rare chance and appeal to people for united support.

 The 2018 album calendar will be printed out for 3000 copies. They will be hang up at the communication room of each unit and interactive activities for fans will also be held on facebook page. If tempted please get contact with business department of Youth Daily News (Tel: 02-2322-2722 ext 5003 Mrs. Wang) or follow us on facebook page and/or other national defense education campaign to join the interactive activities and win the calendar for free.


2018 album calendar introduction

  • istorical core ideas
  • 2015/Recommended member from all units/Youth
  • 2016/Military news anchor/Profession
  • 2017/Public welfare calendar with flight attendants from EVA Air/Public welfare
  • 2018/Bound with the society/United support