Defense News


Regarding the Minehunter the Ching-fu Shipbuilding Co Ltd declaring first ship progress of approximately 80% when questioned by media which deviates from the actual situation. Thereafter the Ministry clarifies as follows:

According to the case, the work review session that took place during the 4th week of November 2017 revealed that total project progress was 8.77%, actual progress was 7.51% lagging 1.26% behind. Intermarine’s first contracted total ship progress at the same timeframe was 49.8%, with actual progress at 43.2% and 6.6% lagging behind in progress. The above-mentioned detail was not in any way suspect after confirmation with company employee meeting attendees, “Mr. Chen Chin-nan’s description of progress reaching 80% is clearly deviating from the truth”.

As for said company’s many contract negligences, the Ministry has pressed hard for the company to make amends and ordered full completion of obligations by Dec. 8, 2017; if not fulfilled, the contract will be voided. The Ministry will maintain an administer-by-law and by-contract policy and continually control the relevant amendments to violations. The Ministry will also continue to clarify said company’s matters that may be falsely reported through media outlets as our duty to the public.