Defense News


The Ministry of Defense states today the 27th that a Mr. Lin from a certain company and an IT engineer named Mr. Hsu were suspected of violating Classified Information Protection Law in August of 2016. Both approached Yangmingshan radar station to collect radar wireless signals and were apprehended by police. Shihlin District Prosecutors’ Office has completed the investigation and found the defendants of violating Article 34-1 (Collecting Classified Information) of the Classifed Information Law; therefore delayed lawsuits will be brought against the suspects.

The Ministry states that the Ministry in association has assisted in determining the wireless signals recorded by the defendants are in fact classified military information. Although intactly encrypted so that information was not leaked anyhow, the actions of the defendants constitute a violation of “Collecting Classified Information”. This potentially jeopardizes the safety of classified information and carries a maximum limited prison sentence of 5 years. The Ministry urges for a harsh sentence to be issued so as to deter other nationals from subsequent violations.