Defense News


Ministry of Defense states today the 27th that Head of Presidential Office Guards Liu Zhi-bing has been transferred to the post of commander of the Navy Fleet. His original post will be filled by Chang Jie, Vice Chief of Staff of Army Command. These moves will take effect on December 1, 2017.

Brief resumes of personnel are as follows:

1.Navy Fleet Commander

Lieut. General Liu Zhi-bing, graduate of Navy Academy 1984, Marine Technological College 2001, College of War graduate 2007.

2.Head of Presidential Guards

Major General Chang Jie, graduate of Army Academy 1986, Army College 2000, College of War 2003, Army 542nd Armored Brigade Leader, Army North region test center commander, Teaching Affairs Director of National Defense University, Army Academy Principal

3.New Navy Fleet Commander Lieut. General Liu Zhi-bing and Head of Presidential Guards Chang Jie have a fulfilled schooling and field experience. Performance at all ranks of command has been brilliant. The moves were originally to take effect on November 1, but due to the president’s overseas tour, these moves are postponed till December 1. The Ministry trusts they will fulfill their duties at the new post.