Defense News


Regarding media reports of “Purchase of tank tracks benefitting sole contractor” Army Logistics Command states today the 27th that reports are far from truthful and is merely media speculation. The Ministry expresses regret at these reports.

Army logistics command states that the tank track sprocket procurement for Year 107 is a combination of international military sales and domestic orders. Domestic orders are executed by a “public bidding” method. The winning contractor must complete a written review, material instrumental checks and successful passing of actual road test.

Army logistics command points out that road test standards have not changed with time and refers to US Army standard acceptance regulations. No contractor has been treated unfairly, nor have any specific contractors profited exceedingly. The ministry administers matters strictly by law.

Army logistics command reiterates that this purchasing case is carried out according to Purchasing Law regulations and aims to foster domestic industries and open up more opportunities for business. Media reports are not reflective of the true state of matter and are somewhat exaggerating and hindering the process. We urge the media to respect their accountability to society.