Defense News


The search for missing Mirage jet pilot Capt. Ho Tzi-yu has entered the 10th day, and Executive Yuan Minister Lai Ching-de expresses his concern over the progress of the operation at the conference today. The Department of Defense continues carrying on the mission without any fruition. Minister Lai instructs our personnel to keep on searching for Capt. Ho and to give his family much-needed support and for the Ministry of Defense to periodically update the public on progress and show camaraderie; all nationals should pray for his recovery.

The Ministry of Defense states that from the evening of the 7th, in total 109 Air Force aircraft and 63 Navy vessels, 28 Coast Guard vessels and 7 helicopters were dispatched to the northern waters. Navy ship AGS-1601 has arrived in the determined area of the disappeared Mirage jet detected FDR signal to find approximate position of the black box. When pinpointing has been completed the Minehunter will conduct spatial authentication to pinpoint the location of the FDR signal to facilitate underwater retrieval of the black box by the Air Force.

The Ministry states that Minister Feng Shih-kuan has lately been in and out of the Joint Operations Command Center to be briefed daily on the latest situation and dispatching of units. Air Force Command and 499th Tactical Fighter Wing have also sent counselors to provide support to Capt. Ho’s family and periodically update them on the progress of the mission. Minister Feng thanks all personnel for their labored contribution to the effort and our nationals for their concern.