Defense News


Regarding media reports of the Ministry “shifting Armed Forces weapons budget to pay Ching-fu NT 24 billion dollars, the Ministry states today that the Navy’s due payment to Ching-fu’s 3rd phase of Minehunter construction project of 24.2085 billion dollars meets contract payment requirements after Navy reviews. The ministry again emphasizes there was no pressure directly from the Presidential Office or any other superior authority to shift funds. The department would like express disdain at the untruthful reporting from the media and urges the media to extract correct evidence.

The Ministry states that the 3rd phase of Minehunter construction project was according to contract regulations. Ching-fu completed hull demolding on September 27, 2016. Navy inspections took place and result was that it met contract payment requirements (deposit refund guarantee) and NT24.2086 billion dollars were due. This project was fully law-abiding and according to contract and also abided by budget adjustment regulations. There were absolutely no violations and inappropriate shifting of funds.

Regarding media reports that Ministry documents were falsified, the investigative team reviewing the acknowledged the documents were completed in the middle of November of 2016 by the Navy Command. Because of negligence by the responsible personnel to revise the data reported according to the schedule, the documents were submitted to Legislative Yuan in March 2017 inadequately checked. This led to a misunderstanding by the public and was not deliberate. The ministry confesses to revise our mode of operation.

The Ministry would like to stress that any relevant doubts are continually being investigated to ensure this case is resolved. Any disciplinary procedures will be publicized after all relevant facts have been clarified. Furthermore, this case has now become a judicial investigation; if any illegal matters are to be uncovered the ministry will assume full legal responsibility.