Defense News


Ministry of National Defense today the 14th issues “New military personnel pension system (draft) points” (see attachments 1 through 4). This plan applies to current active personnel, and the Department has drafted a suitable “New pension system” after referring to military pension systems from other countries. The design of this version has put the characteristics of personnel tenures and guarantees a stable life after retirement from duty.

The Ministry states that this draft will set up a “Pensions Reform” page on the MND website including “Income deduction calculation platform” and a short “Current personnel new pension system intro movie”. Armed Forces Command, Military Police and Reserve Forces Command will establish “Pensions task force” and “Consulting Center” to all units and personnel depending on region and gather opinions on the matter within a month of this press release. The Ministry and Veterans Affairs Committee will collect and organize all opinions and draft up a revision for review by Legislative Yuan.

The Ministry stressed this brand new “Military personnel pension system” will boost personnel morale and encourage personnel to stay within their ranks.