Defense News


Air Force Command states today the 13th that the Ministry’s search and rescue mission of Capt. Ho Tzi-yu has dispatched a total of 93 planes and jets. Any possible signs of life would be welcome.

Air Force Command further states that search and rescue is day and night; a possible signal from the Mirage Flight Data Recorder (black box) has initially been uncovered. Thereafter area tagging and ship sonar analysis searches and fish-ups and further planning are simultaneously underway. Personnel search is still underway.

Air Force Command stresses that all search progress and information is truthful; we are periodically providing information to Capt. Ho’s family and our nationals. All personnel strongly feel for the sorrow and anxiety and very urgent need for information from family members. We appreciate the concern and the support from the public although Capt. Ho is still lost at sea. The Ministry continues carrying out the mission but urges the public to continue to provide support to Capt. Ho’s family and the rescue personnel participating in this operation.