Defense News


The Ministry of Defense today continues to carry out search operations for the disappeared Col. Ho. Chief of Staff General Lee Shi-ming has ordered AGS-1601 and Minehunter ships into operation depending on wind speed and current conditions at sea. Yesterday the 11th the wind and current speed were over the maximum limit, so AGS-1601 and Minehunter ships were on stand-by at Navy Keelung harbor. Rescue personnel were reminded to be fully aware of any changes in weather, and that safety and time effectiveness were of dual concern in these operations.

The Ministry of Defense states the at 2130hrs last night, the Army EC-225 helicopter braved heavy winds to successfully hang the underwater sonar receiver and operational personnel onto the Navy ship No. 1101 “Success” to facilitate underwater searches.

The Ministry states that Minister Feng Shih-Kuan has entered the “Joint Operations Command Center” once again this morning to be briefed on the latest regarding Capt. Ho. Hearing that the weather will turn for the better in the afternoon, he ordered the AGS-1601 and the Minehunter out to sea. Minister Feng thanks all participating personnel who are sacrificing their holidays, day and night for this mission and the concern from the public.