Defense News


The Ministry of Defense’s search operations for Capt. Ho Tsi-yu is still underway. Personnel participating are leaving no stone unturned; every time trash or an oil slick is found, rescue personnel are treating that as a piece of hope. However after numerous fishing ups and matching attempts, disappointment remains abound as what is picked up is frankly trash or oil slicks left behind by ships on the sea, completely irrelevant to the Mirage. Still personnel refuse to give up any hope that Col. Ho or any information on the jet can be recovered.

The Ministry states that due to this search operation being carried out, the severity of marine pollution has also been found. Unknown waste and oil slicks on the sea surface have only served to hamper this operation. At this time the Department would like to address our nationals that marine debris is part of the entire marine environment protection issue. Everyone should cherish our earth and ecology and care for our beautiful homeland.

The Ministry states that although the optimal 72-hour rescue window has painfully passed, we will not give up hope. At 2130hrs last night the EC-225 rescue helicopter delivered the underwater sonar receiver and personnel to Navy ship No. 1101 Success. We will inform the public of further details.