Defense News


he Minister of National Defense Feng Shih-Kuan has stated today the 9th at Legislative Yuan Foreign and National Defense Committee regarding the Mirage jet training miscommunication incident his sorrow. Sea and air units have been dispatched and the coast guard and National Airborne Service Corps have joined the operation. So far no results have been uncovered, but Minister Feng expresses his heart is with Col. Ho and the safety of his fellow rescue officers.

 Ministry of Defence states Minister Feng has responded to the Legislative Yuan’s concern about the progress of the rescue. Yesterday the 8th around noontime around Pengjia Islet there were continuous distress signals detected. Vice Chief of General Staff Headquarters Lieutenant Ma Zi-Yong subsequently immediately ordered planes and ships to that area and scout around the islet but still nothing was to be found. Today Minister Feng and Chief of Staff General Lee and navy personnel discussed the movement of sea currents and redrawn the target search area to attempt to take advantage of the optimal rescue window.

The Ministry of Defense further states that after yesterday’s press conference held by Air Force Command yesterday, some members of the media questioned “the possibility of Col. Ho defecting to the People’s Republic”. Minister Feng is a tall robust figure and usually does not feel the need to express his anger, but upon hearing these inappropriate questions, Minister Feng maintained a hard stance and immediately rebuked that these theories would be a grave insult to military personnel and is absolutely unacceptable. The time of day Capt. Ho was carrying out the exercises would be the time when normal citizens would be taking in a meal with family; however Col. Ho would be carrying out night exercises the purpose of which is to defend the nation, for normal citizens to continue living a safe life. These types of questions at this difficult time for Col. Ho and all involved units participating in search operations serve to anger our cautious military personnel and their families.

The Ministry also states that pictures of the search operation will be published and that we ask that all personnel and society shall duly express their concern for a hopeful safe recovery of Capt. Ho and also the safety of the personnel involved in the operation.