Defense News


Air Force Command states today the 8th that Air Force Command has carried out “Mirage search and rescue mission”, and that to date 23 planes and jets of all types have been dispatched and the rescue mission is continually underway. Department of Defense and Air Force Command have maintained a fight-till-the-end morale and mood and continue to carry out this mission night and day, and that we are not giving up on any opportunities or turning points till the mission is complete. This afternoon’s investigation also turned out that before the jet disappeared from radar there were relevant communication records with relevant jets, and today a wireless signal likely from lifesaver equipment has been discovered during the course of today’s search mission. The result has been sent to Aviation Safety Council for further determination. The Department requests that our friends in the media to not make any speculative reports before the results are released.

Air Force Command stresses that the Department places heavy emphasis on flight safety, and that we offer our gratitude and respect to many precious comments from all aspects of society. As mentioned the Aviation Safety Council has already been set up, and that we invite flight safety experts, scholars, and professors to take part in this investigation so that this matter can be investigated in a subjective and fair manner and the true reason for the crash can be found for future reference.