Defense News


For the incident that stray bullet caused pedestrian hit as marine corps were in the live-fire shooting, the statements of Marine Corps HQ are as follows:

The Marine 99th Regiment was using Lin-Yuan range to practice the live-fire shooting with T91 rifles from 0600 to 2100 yesterday (12th). At 1700 they received an inquiry over a pedestrian, Mr Hou, hit by a stray bullet in the oil refinery plant (1.5 km away from the range). The bullet stuck at his clavicle of right shoulder and was taken out by Siaogang Hospital. The police believed it was a 5.56 mm rifle bullet and the marines stopped the practice as being told. Colonel Liang was assigned to understand the situation, and the case has been under the investigation of Kaohsiung military police.

As Marine Corps HQ received the information, the Marine Commander General Wang with Chief of Political Warfare General Su went to the hospital to pay a visit to Mr Hou and gave their condolences. Marine Corps HQ indicated that safety in the range is always the very priority and the practice has been paused for now. The range will be open for the training again only when the investigation is over and the safety of it is improved.