Defense News


Regarding the news, “The All-Volunteer-Force Policy is going to be promulgated that the National Army will face a shortage of officers next year,” the Ministry of National Defense announced today (15th ) that junior military officers and soldiers have been assigned to undertake arduous tasks and responsibilities based on initial officer training. In order to prevent them from quitting, the numbers of officers and soldiers still need to be increased. The Ministry of National Defense will continuously strengthen the ROTC program and organize more tests for “professional military officers.” With the integrated resources of all departments in Executive Yuan, the six allowances including “Junior-Grade Volunteer Service Officers Allowance” and “Honor Guards Services Allowance,” and being considered as the incentives to recruit more combat troops with specialties, had also been paid on July 1, 2017.

The Ministry of National Defense claimed that the National Army barracks would be reconstructed soon to improve the service environment for the officers. In order to implement the officer care policy, “Xing-An Project” will also be promoted to renew the facilities of some barracks, for example, Fuxing Barrack, Hsinchu Air Base, and Huko Barrack. By actively promoting complementary measures about recruitment and retaining in the army, the Ministry of National Defense expects to attract more young people to join the army as a long-term employment. Supported by our people, the Ministry of National Defense will achieve these goals to protect our country. Therefore, there is no plan to diminish any officers and soldiers in the National Army.